Customize your bath and shower surrounds in stylish low-maitenance wall panels - easy-to-clean with no grout!

Wall panels available in sizes up to 60" x 96", 3/8" thick.

Standard tub kits also available, 1 panel sized 59" X 60" plus 2 panels sized 30" X 60", 3/8" thick.

The Overlay Accessory Panel is a must for manufacturers who install a lot of wall panels. Large wall panels are often a problem to maneuver into the room in which they are to be installed. In addition, misfits and miscalculations can be a nightmare in terms of aesthetics. The Overlay Accessory Panel provides a solution for both problems.

The panel measures 18" wide x 96" long with two convenient integral accessories on a raised 7" wide vertical middle section.

Installation of the Overlay Accessory Panel over the gap between two back panels (see drawing, at right) not only makes measurements less critical and allows for the use of smaller panels, but also happens to be extremely functional and attractive! The integral accessories are perfect for holding all sorts of bathing paraphernalia from soap to shampoo, conditioner ... and more!

The Overlay Accessory Panel can be manufactured at the correct height for either tub or shower wall installation by blocking it off at the proper points.

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